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Tips on Passing the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) Test

The PTCB exam was started in 1955 to primarily advocate for a nationwide standard that is recognized and backed by the pharmaceutical industry. To pass the pharmacy technician practice test is a walk in the park but if only you are privy to a number of vital tips. Though you can retake this exam up to four times, it is not only time consuming and a waste of money but you have to appeal directly to the PTCB to be allowed to retake it after the fourth failure. Below are some handy tips to ensure that you ace the exam.

Knowing the areas you are supposed to study is paramount to your studying process and passing the test. The PTCB practice test has nine knowledge areas. Each area of knowledge has its own sub-topics and the earlier you become well versed with all these study material, the easier it will be for you. Each of the study areas constitutes a certain percentage of the entire test. For instance, Order Entry and Medication Filling have the biggest percentage at 17.5 % while Quality Assurance has the lowest percentage at 7.5 %.

Knowing and mastering the exam format is crucial to passing the PTCB Practice exam. There are normally ninety multiple-choice questions that take two hours to complete. In addition, there is a tutorial that should be completed after tackling the exam. It is vital that you familiarize yourself with the software that is going to be used during the exam. The Pearson VUE website offers a tutorial on how to handle the test and you can use your own computer to take a practice test to boost your confidence.

One great way to ensure that you are adequately prepared to handle the real test is by taking time and tackling a practice test. This is possible by buying a practice test on the PTCB's website though there are quite a few free practice tests online. This test has the same number of questions as the real exam (90 multiple choice questions) and it will give you a clearer picture of how the real test will be presented. After you have taken the practice exam, you will get a detailed analysis of your performance and what to remedy.

The internet is a treasure of information and you can hardly miss study guides related to the PTCB practice test. It is possible to download helpful study apps onto your mobile devices that will go a long way in equipping you substantially for the test. You can also add on to the information at hand by buying study materials and books dealing with this subject. There are some websites that can provide study materials, it is just a matter of knowing what keywords to enter. By following these pointers, it will be a piece of cake acing this test. For more information about GED programs, click on this link:

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